Mental Health Support

Jericho Road Ministries provides support over time:

  • Mental health support homes for men
  • 2nd stage addiction homes
  • 2nd stage co-occurring disorders support homes
  • Encouragement in times of relapse, crisis and need

From its establishment in 1993, Jericho Road Ministries has provided alcohol and drug-free, safe, affordable homes for men with mental illness.

Life with mental illness is often a life of isolation. At Jericho Road, we encourage life in community: meals are served family style, house chores and dishes are shared, and while each resident has his own bedroom, common areas are provided for watching TV, conversation, and group activities. Residents develop a sense of belonging and of shared responsibility for the house and property.


Jericho Road Ministries helps restore purpose:

  • the stability and security of a home with routines and structure that support recovery
  • having self-esteem, value and a hopeful contributing life even with the limitations of mental illness and /or addiction

For more information contact us at: 613-567-5134