Our Stories



Kevin’s Story:

I came to Jericho Road from the psychiatric ward; it was my second stay in about six months and at that time I felt as if life wasn’t worth living anymore.  After 25 years of drinking, I was spiritually bankrupt and my body had started to shut down.  Alcoholism had taken over my life; I was desperate.  In the first month of rehab, I was barely able to function physically and mentally but Jericho Road gave me the time I needed – time to relearn how to live life on life’s terms.  After 9 months, I was able to move to second stage housing and begin sober living equipped with the tools to be able to handle life.  Most of all I had a second chance at being a sober and reliable father to my 5 year old son.


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Other Testimonies of Gratitude:

Nick K:  “I am grateful to Jericho Road for   allowing me the opportunity to achieve sobriety, for drawing me closer to God, allowing me the chance to reconnect with my family and loved ones and helping me find peace and happiness with myself.”

Joel A:  “I am grateful for finally becoming the young man that God wanted me to be all along.”

Christian D:  “I am grateful for a community that has given me a new way to live and tools for my daily living.”

Rob H:  “I have been with Jericho Road 19 years.  I am a graduate of the Addiction Program and I am in Second-Stage Housing.  I am grateful to God and Jericho Road for teaching me faith in  others & myself and for the grace to make big mistakes. Also, I have learned that I am valuable and useful and have something good to offer to this community.”

Johnny M:  “I am grateful to God for grace and to Jericho Road for making me a productive member of society.”

Joe G:  “I am grateful for the  helpful tools and the wonderful community I have gained in Jericho Road.”