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In Canada, in any given year, 1 out of every 5 persons will experience a mental health or addiction problem. The isolation, hopelessness and destructive behaviour patterns of these issues can spread out in a negative ripple effect on society.

But at Jericho Road Ministries, we see lives turned around in a way that makes a positive ripple. We provide recovery programs, support homes and community connection for men with drug and alcohol addiction or with co-occurring issues of mental illness and addiction. Using traditional 12-step recovery model, Jericho Road connects people to the broader local recovery community in order to together build lives of hope, health and purpose.

We support mental health and addiction recovery by providing homes and programs for men and connection to a recovery community where together we build lives of hope, health and purpose. 


Addiction Recovery

We want to see people move from discouragement to hope. That is why our mission statement says Jericho Road Ministries brings God’s love and hope to lives affected by poverty, addiction and mental illness. 

Jericho Road offers a 9-month residential addiction treatment program which focuses on lasting recovery, community and relationship with God. We know that God finds strength where we see weakness, and uses our journey to further us into relationship with Him and our community. 


Second Stage & Aftercare

Second Stage is the place where our residents get to take the skills they have learned, and apply them in everyday life. We are motivated by the need for men to continue to receive support and encouragement well into their recovery journey. 

No matter what challenges the men face, we provide the support and community to help them thrive, and find a new way to live in the light of hope and freedom from active addiction. 


Recovery Community

The journey continues well after initial treatment. Jericho Road understands that recovery for all of us is a lifelong commitment. By providing and supporting recovery settings in everyday life we offer people weekly and regular groups for support, prayer and community. Our recovery communities are for everyone, not just our residents. 

Please follow the link for more information and weekly meetings. 


If you or someone you know is struggling and want to learn more, 

please call our office for more information.