Upcoming Event: Annual Celebration Meeting on June 6th!

Substance use can create a life of isolation.

Building a life of recovery takes time, community, and connection to self, God and others.

Upcoming: Annual Celebration Meeting

We've been there before.
No, really.

Jericho Road takes great pride in employing individuals with lived experience. We wholeheartedly embrace and embody the principles of discipleship and peer mentoring.

Our treatment team consists of individuals who have confronted addiction firsthand and are eager to share the solutions they've discovered with those who are still grappling with these issues.

As we move from addiction to connection...

Working together towards sustainable long-term solutions.

The ongoing opioid crisis and the increasing demand for treatment options have created gaps in our current healthcare system.

Jericho's addiction treatment program places a strong emphasis on achieving lasting recovery, fostering community, and nurturing healthy relationships. Taking the time to establish these cornerstones during the initial stages of recovery is a key approach for addressing the underlying triggers of addiction.

Addiction Treatment
Continuing Care
Leadership Development

Residents start at our men's 9-month addiction treatment program. It focuses on lasting recovery, community and healthy relationships.

No matter what challenges the men face on their recovery journey, we provide the support and encouragement to help them thrive.

By providing and supporting recovery settings in everyday life we offer weekly and regular groups for support, and community.

Our People.
Our Story.

We are not defined by our success, but rather by our people. The lasting relationships, community and partnerships that we hold speak volumes to our true success.

The Full Circle

At Jericho Road, our range of programs and services offer a pathway to hope, transformation, and a fresh connection with oneself, with God, and with others. Our dedicated staff, who have walked the same path, guide newcomers with empathy and understanding. Central to our approach is discipleship, which serves as a powerful framework for supporting individuals in overcoming addiction and embracing lasting change.

Investing in recovery opportunities.

Jericho Road depends on donors like you. Each contribution to Jericho helps us to maintain our operating costs and to continue to provide recovery programs to our clients and community.

Community friends & partners

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