Addiction Treatment


Jericho Road Ministries offers help:

Addiction Recovery

  • Traditional 12-step
  • 9 month residential program for men
  • daily classes
  • developing life skills
  • community service work
  • networking with AA & recovery community



Story of Us

We want to see people move from discouragement to hope.  That is why our mission statement says Jericho Road Ministries brings God’s love and hope to lives affected by poverty, addiction and mental illness.  We do this by providing a men’s 12 step Addiction Recovery Program as well as group homes for men – mental health support homes and also second stage addiction recovery homes.  We understand that recovery takes time.  Our residential Addiction Recovery program and second-stage group homes give men that needed time and support.  Our weekly programs and meetings, such as the Coffeehouse and “A Connected Recovery” Biblical Study, expand the support further into the community.  Jericho Road Ministries helps people gain purpose and connection and offers support in times of relapse and crisis.  Living in the hope and love of Jesus Christ, we pass on this love to others, helping them gain mental health and addiction recovery by meeting their needs for home, community, health and purpose so they can in turn pass their hope onto others.

How to contact us:  If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us at 613-567-5134 ext. 9.  We also accept collect-calls at 613-234-3833.  We are happy to do a phone screening with you and will put you in touch with our Intake Staff.