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Are you affected by somone's addiction?

Often when we are faced with another's addiction, it can feel like we are the only ones. There are thousands of people affected by the addiction of another. These questions will help you decide if Family Support may be right for your situation.

1. Do you worry about how much your loved one uses?

2. Do you feel that if your loved one really cared about you, they would stop?

3. Do you find yourself constantly making ultimatums, such as "If you don't stop, I will leave" or "You won't be able to see your children"

4. Do you often feel embarrassed by your loved one's behaviour, while they are under the influence?

5. Do you feel guilty, like a failure or out of control because of your loved ones addiction?

6. Do you think your problems would be solved if they would just stop?

7. Do you feel like no one else can understand your problems?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Family Support & Recovery Dynamics may be right for you. For detailed information on our weekly Family Support meeting, reach out to Amy.

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