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At Jericho Road, sponsorship goes beyond a simple partnership – it's a profound commitment to driving positive change. Our sponsors are the pillars of our auction's success, contributing significantly to our mission.

By becoming a sponsor, you do more than just support a worthy cause; you connect your brand with a purpose that truly matters. You become an integral part of our journey, and your impact reverberates in our community.

One of the key benefits of sponsorship is the exposure it provides. You gain visibility among a diverse and engaged audience who share our passion for creating lasting impact. By joining our sponsorship family, you embrace the opportunity to make a real difference, both for your brand and for the cause we hold dear.

Your sponsorship is not just a contribution; it's a statement of your commitment to building a brighter future. Join us as a sponsor and be part of something truly remarkable.

If you wish to confirm your sponsorship via e-transfer or cheque, please use the "other ways to donate" section and put auction 2023 in the memo, designation.